from Italian charm to crystal clear waters

Here we captured the most beautiful emotions and moments in the form of pictures. You will be enchanted...

... there are no bad photos, only different tastes. Because the photo emerges in a moment, a moment that is not important. Learn the moment and draw with light and shadow.

- Curt Wolf -

  • 17784989
    The house

    Experience Italy

  • 4055525
    The garden

    enjoy mediterranean

  • 17775276

    start the day

  • 17792471
    The bar


  • 17783966
    The reception

    you are welcome

  • 17777048
    The rooms

    living italia

  • 17804322
    The flair

    just dream

  • 17783434
    The common

    experience together

  • velden
    The environment

    Experience Velden

  • wörthersee
    The sea


  • 17768545
    The rooms

    living italia

  • IMG_1676
    The details

    discover & marvel

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